Toughest thing in this world is to bare one’s soul to someone. But, when your whole universe is about to not exist it is no price at all. That day, Omkara faced the same. He had to stop HIS GAURI from marrying someone else. There will be no Omkara without Gauri. He has to express his love and beg for her forgiveness.

Omkara, being the shayar he is, expressed his love in so simple yet so intensely soulful and beautiful lines. He broke free of all his barriers and bared his soul. In that very moment Omkara accepted HER as his PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. He accepted HIS DESTINY and THEIR SACRED LOVE.

teri ahaat ke bina yeh dil dhakdta nahin

tere bina yeh sasoon ka karwaan ruk jayega

main khuda ke saamne hi sar uthayae ghumta hoon

par tera naam gunja mera sar jhuk jayega

On the fateful day in Bareilly destiny played his hand and a new love saga began. One that has been written and blessed by SHIVA, THE DESTROYER!! HIS heart had found his lost heartbeat when SHE stood up to him and looked into his eyes with unwavering faith, courage, and self-respect. Her eyes showed the purity of her heart and soul. His heart and soul made a connect to hers. Two halves of one soul. They had to find each other. But, his mind played tricks and failed to recognize her. He has been through so much that he chose to no listen to the little flutter in his heart. He chose to play by the rules of this world and let his mind guide him. But, when her life was in danger his heart shone. He tied her to him for lifetime by marrying her in presence of HER SHANKARJI!! 

Their destinies were entwined together. So, every time RiKara parted ways destiny bought them together. Till one day when Omkara failed yet again to look past his perceived truth and trust HIS HEART. He accused her of cheating him, of destroying the sanctity of their marriage. He broke her BELIEFS, her FAITH, her VISHWAS. He questioned her EXISTENCE. So, she freed him of the ties that bind them. And walked away!! That was the moment when Omkara could no longer chose to not listen his heart. How could he? As she walked away, with every breath he took Omkara felt his soul leave his body bit by bit. He felt life leave his body every time his heart beat. He finally saw the light in his heart that has always been his anchor when tides were high. Every night has its dawn. Omkara finally realized SHE is his DAWN!!

She has become his UNIVERSE. She is the reason of his existence. So, when he expressed his love for her he not only put his heart in her hands. But, also his SOUL and his IDENTITY to her will. Complete and absolute SUBMISSION!!He does not believe in god, but he will always believe in her and their love!!

“One who does not bow before god, will bow even if her name is spoken of”.  His love is his IBADDAT!!

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