The incomplete hug

Omkara had kidnapped Gauri and brought her home. What will happen when Gauri wakes up? How will these two reconcile? This was one of the most awaited moment for all Rikarians. But, before RiKara or its fandom could live the moment, it was hijacked.

Gauri is yet to forgive Omkara for his mistakes, for the accusations he hurled on her. She has requested him to not interfere in her mission. Yet, he kidnapped her against her wishes. Once again, he broke the promise he made to her. He was thinking, how to explain his actions when he heard “Omkaraji“. She is here!! Omkara was shocked. He was not ready to face her, he thought. He had been busy hiding her from his family and later had been busy explaining them why he did what he did. He needed more time. Time to think how he would explain to her why he did this? How to ask for her forgiveness again? How will he confess his love again and beg her to accept him, to give them a second chance? He needed more time to prepare himself for the worst. What if she asks him to let her go? What will he do? Will he able to do that again? Can he live without her? Without her forgiveness? How could he make her stay here forever? He has to talk to her first. She has to listen to him, he thought. He will not loose her again!! He promised himself. Even if he has to ask for her forgiveness every day for rest of his life, he will not let her go. Loving her is like breathing. She is his WIFE: Mrs Omkara Singh Oberoi!! He will find his way back to her, he thought!! 

He asked her to give him a chance to explain but before he could say anything, Gauri hugged him. He searched for explanation only to find his own confusion and surprise etched on everyone’s faces.  As she lay her head upon his chest, she felt his restlessness. So, she assured him of what he refused to believe. She thanked him for saving her from yet another monster. She thanked him for being there for her, for honoring her wishes, for keeping his promise, for proving that her Shankarji has indeed sent him for her. Listening to her voice, his heart beat to tune that soothed her soul and calmed her restless heart. At that moment she felt home, safe in his arms. His heart has always been her soothing balm. Assuring her of his love, of their unbreakable bond, of unsaid connect between their souls.  Before he could give in to his heart’s desire, their moment was HIJACKED!!

A familiar but different voice brought her out of her reverie. Sensing presence of others, Gauri break free of the hug. Omkara stood there, still surprised and lost in the moment, watching her answer the question that was on everyone’s mind. She is not angry with him. She has told him but he still needed to ask her again. His heart needed to hear her say those words again. So he asked her one last time if she is not angry with him? Understanding his hesitation, she assured him again. But, it was her smile that made his heart skip a beat. In that moment, Omkara knew that she has forgiven him. It is the beginning of their new journey!!

Though RiKara hug is now lost in time forever, we still should cherish the moment that marked the beginning of a new journey for RiKara.

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