Broken soul

He had been betrayed and heart broken before. He knows pain, has lived with it for so many years. He will survive. He thought. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Life may have taught him many lessons but nothing has prepared him for what was to hit him. The pain of a lost soul wandering in darkness, leaving the body alone and helpless. The pain of accusing an innocent soul for the betrayal she never did. The pain of taking away all that she was and rip her heart into million pieces, for the truth that did not exist. In his obsession for his perceived truth he has destroyed the purest, kindest, selfless and most innocent soul that has ever touched his life. He was yet to realize, that in his wrong self righteousness he has crushed the part of his soul that was pure and untouched with all the betrayals, lies, and heartbreaks in his life – the essence of Omkara Singh Oberoi.

She was a forgiver. She loved him selflessly with all she had. She was walked on so many times, yet she did not give up on him. She always saw good in him.. always felt his pain. She always tried to bring back his lost smile…everything that life and time has taken away from him. She never asked for his love but hoped that with time he will trust her someday. They have come a long way since they first met. She yearned for his trust on her, on their unsaid relation. She wanted him to want her to be part of his life. But she was wrong. Like always, he misunderstood and misjudged her… did not even give her a chance to tell her side of story. He has burned a hole in her heart and broken her soul. He treated her like nothing, left to feel nothing. She wasn’t sad anymore. She was numb and she knew somehow numb was worse. Yet she found courage to held her own… She stood before him just as she was made to be, no lies, no judgment, no fake smile. She showed the storm that raged within her, the strength and beauty of her heart, and the gentle soul that burned like fire as she found strength in her pain to give him what remained of her battered heart, to set him free of all that tied them together.

I'm a very simple small town girl
I love my mother, have been taking care of her
I've faced a lot of problems in my life, alone
Then you came in my life
I felt as if my Shankarji has sent you for me
Because you saved me from me Kaali
And then you married me
I fell in love with you
I wanted you to take pride in calling me your wife, wife
I wanted you to love me the way I Love You!!

Just like the first time he saw her, those vast and fervent eyes, and finality in her voice took him by surprise. He saw her spirit, stared at every flaw, every doubt, every fear. Her eyes told story of anger and pain, showed him scars of her past. He finally saw her fierce soul, her brave heart, her strong mind and her selfless love. He saw reflection of his own soul in her eyes. Every moment he has spent with her and without her, thinking about her, since that fateful day in Bareilly flashed before his eyes. His mind, heart, and soul were finally one. He was no longer fighting the battle between what he knew and what he felt. He knew he did her so wrong, for so long. He has turned his back on her love. And now she’s gone. She has not lost him but he has lost her. 

aaj ke baad gauri kumari sarma ka saaya bhi aap pe nahin padega

As she walked away from him, she burned down all the walls that guarded his heart. Every step that she took to distance herself from his world, she tore his world apart. She tore herself apart for his happiness, yet all he could feel were the painful tears that fell from his heart and covered his soul. He knew she was the other half of his soul… one that he has waited for so long, one that made him whole. He could feel his insides sink. As he sat on the ground, letting it support him, he could feel the heart break for first time. Omkara Singh Oberoi finally knew what real pain is. The pain of a broken soul.

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